ŪVOZ is a recently opened restaurant run by the same owners
as the nearby tāst restaurant. The idea remains the same: simple
but tastefully prepared food in a cosy ambiance.
This time the dishes are inspired by Czech cuisine
and you can also enjoy beer on tap from
small brewery Kamenice nad Lipou.

Dear customers, please be aware that some items on the menu
might slightly differ from the actual offer. We prepare the dishes from fresh ingredients
and therefore we change the menu quiet frequently (sometimes even few times in a week:-)
Thank you for your understanding!

If you are a vegetarian or have some food allergies, please let us know 24h ahead.
We will try our best to accommodate your needs and we will get
in touch with you if it is not possible. Please take into consideration
that if you let us know about your needs at time of your arrival,
we might not be able to change our menu for you.

We love children, but we assure you, that you will have the most pleasure
from visiting our restaurant if you come as a couple or a in a small circle of friends.

Úvoz 169/6
118 00 – Praha 1


Parking in the Old Town can be tricky. But the solution is the paid parking lot at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital here, located less than 100m above our restaurant. Another option is parking for 1 hour in the blue zone, where you need to use the mpla.io. The code of the section is P1-0139 (Vlašská Street) You don't have to worry about passing the American Embassy, your vehicle is scanned automatically, you just have to wait a few seconds in front of the police officers who will then allow you to pass.

Tue – Thu: 16:30 – 23:00
Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 23:00
Sun – Mon: Closed


Restaurant Úvoz s.r.o.
IČO: 19883943
DIČ: CZ19883943

Úvoz 169/6
118 00 – Praha 1